Gay Marriage Opponents a Shrinking Minority

21 Apr

A majority of Americans now support gay marriage.

Adding to mounting evidence that gay marriage opponents are increasingly out of touch with rational, mainstream America, a CNN poll released this week revealed that 51 percent of respondents back marriage equality for gay couples. 47 percent oppose.

“This is the fourth credible poll in the past eight months to show an outright majority of Americans in favor of gay marriage,” wrote Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight. “Support for gay marriage seems to have been increasing at an accelerated pace over the past couple of years.”

But are lawmakers listening? Will social conservatives, concerned for nobody’s happiness but their own, stop to reconsider their actions?

“If support for gay marriage were to continue accelerating as fast as it has in the past two years, supporters would outnumber opponents roughly 56-40 in the general population by November 2012,” Silver predicts.

Such staggering numbers render opposition a politically bankrupt position. As more and more young Americans come of voting legal age, opponents face an un-winnable battle.

“We have passed an inflection point wherein it is no longer politically advantageous for candidates to oppose same-sex marriage,” Silver concludes.

In more sobering news reiterating the importance of now, a study released this week revealed that LGBT youth were considerably more likely to attempt suicide, show signs of depression, binge drink, and be victims of physical abuse when raised in “unsupportive” social environments.

Who are the worst culprits? “More than 70 percent of the thousands of calls to the 24/7 Trevor Lifeline originate in the southern and central regions of the United States, where there are traditionally fewer legal protections, in-and-out-of-school support services and accepting environments for LGBTQ young people,” revealed a statistical breakdown of the results.

And to those who believe that the war against bullying is a “sexual anarchist agenda,” remember Tyler Clementi. And remember Dharun Ravi, Tyler’s roommate who secretly filmed Tyler with another guy. Remember his 15-count indictment and years of prison that await him.

2 Responses to “Gay Marriage Opponents a Shrinking Minority”

  1. Tina Toler-Keel April 21, 2011 at 10:33 pm #

    Great article. I am glad to see support for gay marriage is on the incline, but terribly saddened by the suicide rates. As a mother of a gay child living in the southeast, I see first hand the lack of support for these teens. For many, it is from their own families. Added to that is so-called friends on social websites that say everything from calling something gay because it’s dumb to calling someone a fag (a name I despise). I hope my support helps at least in some manner and hope others see the dangers these kids face. They definitely need support. Thanks for all you do!

    • combscp April 28, 2011 at 6:37 pm #

      Thanks for being such a great role model, Tina! Your support and kindness really does make a difference, even in areas not traditionally viewed as accepting to the “homosexual lifestyle.” 😉 We’ve certainly made historic steps of progress just in the past year, but there’s a long road left ahead of us. But the more people who stand up against cruelty and intolerance, the closer we get to being a culture who doesn’t think it’s funny to use social websites such as Facebook to change one’s orientation in some poor, sad attempt at a joke.

      We’ll get there one day! Until then, I wish you and your son all the best and I hope you’ll continue to fight for what’s right! 🙂

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