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Valentine’s Day protests, history in Hawaii, & Steve King opens his mouth

17 Feb

Same-sex couples nationwide took a stand this Valentine’s Day in the name of marriage equality. Couples planned to request marriage licenses from their local governments on Monday, fully anticipating their rejection but not passing up a chance to bring further attention to a national issue.

“Marriage is a civil right, not a heterosexual privilege,” said Tiffani Bishop, an LGBT advocate in Austin, Texas.

Meanwhile, Hawaii on Wednesday became only the seventh state to grant equal rights to same-sex couples. Following a 69% approval rating from Hawaii’s voters, strong support from Governor Neil Abercrombie, and a 1993 state Supreme Court ruling that nearly legalized gay marriage ten years before Massachusetts did, Hawaii’s Senate voted to pass a civil unions bill into law by an 18-5 vote. Abercrombie called it the end of an “emtional process”, and said Wednesday’s vote “represents equal rights for all the people of Hawaii”.

Finally, Representative Steve King of Iowa, whose state Republicans are in the midst of an attempt to roll back marriage equality, has proudly proclaimed his opposition against the “screaming, profane gays.” King, who came up on the short end of the stick in Iowa’s landmark 2009 Supreme Court ruling which legalized gay marriage, said that his state would become a “gay marriage Mecca” as a result of the decision, and says children raised by same-sex couples would be similar to those “raised in warehouses”.

Keep it classy, Steve.

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